Living dead boy…

Scared Bear Cuddle

Jacob yells to his mother “mom I think there is a human under my bed”

His mother thinks to herself “this happens every night at bedtime” Finally she yells “everything is fine honey, there is no humans under your bed”

Jacob hugs his bear tight and thinks there is something under there he can hear it breathing. He yells once again to his mother “Can you come check?”

Jacob listens carefully waiting for his mother to come check, but hears no movement.

Finally he sighs and whispers to his bear “Don’t worry if we close our eyes really tight they won’t know we are here”

I guess even monsters are afraid of the dark!!!

Scared Bear

Face Tattoo – =Razorblade Jacket= Smile Mouth Gash – Full Smile 🙂
Chest Tattoo – [ZENTRO] Skull 3 tattoo
Leg Tattoo – .Identity. Broken Glass [Faded] Tattoo
Bear – .{yumyums}. Hallows ilo {Broken Punkin} 
Eye – Contraption – Unreal eyes 2 – right
Eye – Contraption – Unreal eyes 3 – left
Facial Piercing – Tameless Piercing 14

All of it is available at the body mod expo till November 2!! Click the add for a tp!

Body Modification Flier 2013


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