It’s the end of the world as we know it….


So I’m back with more from the Body Mod Expo, however there will still be lots to come…So let get to it! The gloves I’m wearing are from :{F.A.D.}: when I first say them and thought about doing a picture. My thought instantly went to some sorta hold em up pose, well with walking dead coming back this week…why not kill some zombies?? Anyways back to the gloves, they come with a color change hud, which lets you customize the zippers with either silver or gold. This hud also let you change the color of the gloves themselves, being able to change to eight different colors.

Zombie strip

I know a while back I talked about how i never change my shape, but I thought I would mix it up a bit. This is a exclusive shape at the Body Mod Expo , and was sent to me by .::POZE Inc::. The boots made a great addition to the outfit, made by Razor and are lightweight and comfy ( JK ) No really on a serious note… They are very well done, and the blue in them just make them pop! So tell me are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse???

Zombie face

Shape – .::POZE Inc::. Bishop @ Body Mod Expo
Boots – Razor/// Enforcer Boots  @ Body Mod Expo
Gloves – :{F.A.D.}: Knucklez Zippered Leather Gloves @ Body Mod Expo
Tattoo – .Identity. – Troubled Past [Faded] Tattoo @ Body Mod Expo
Piercings – .HollyWeird. pc//9-Mesh Unisex Piercing- @ Body Mod Expo
Chest Implant – :Zombie.Suicide: Hollow star chest implant Male @ Body Mod Expo
Necklace – Lapointe & BastChild Designs “Lover’s”  Necklace @ Body Mod Expo
Shirt – :{F.A.D.}: Diesel Button Up Shirt @ Fade Arcade Designs
Shorts – Razor /// Cargo Faders @ Razor

 Body Modification Flier 2013


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