Cursed to live among them…


Hi again!

Being cooped up in the house with this cold has helped me finish up some file clearing.  I was deleting unused pics when I came across this bunch from august that I never got around to and thought it would be great for the month of Halloween.  Sometimes everything just works out for the best :p.  So if you know me, you know I love all things old-time so this vintage zombie circus was right up my alley.  This sim, Deadpool: Dark fantasies, is amazing and a must to travel too.  I spent all afternoon running around, shooting zombies, exploring the highly detailed and gorgeous grounds and generally feel creppily intrigued.


My favorite is when I reached the opera room complete with an organ and vintage film strip player. In the windlight from this sim, my eyes almost looked transparent, I even edited them darker, then decided to change them back because I liked it.  I’m pretty sure the girl in the photos is the ghost of a jilted starlet, cursed to forever haunt the aisles of the opera room.   Her only motivation, to kill the hordes of undead creatures from invading her timeless palace.


As these picks are from the end of the summer, nothing in this post is a new release, but all are up to date items.  The soft waves of this truth hair was really sweet and natural looking.  Curls and waves can easily become over exagerated in sl, so this is one of my favorites.  I’m not entirely sure if this dress is actually just a long top but the Cheeky ad said dress!  I just double checked to make sure this sim is still up and running and walah, it is ready for your arrival!  Watch the clowns, word is they will cut your throat with a smile on their face.




What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences Whisper

Shape: Essences Wednesday

Eyes: Song Cloudy Glacier

Hair: Truth Candy

Dress: Cheeky Mini Tabky Dress rose

Necklace:  PP Tripple pearls flower necklace

Bracelets: League Wanderer

Sim: Deadpool: Dark Fantasies

PicMonkey Collage zombie


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