Tap the 5th Brick at The Leaky Couldron: Wizarding Faire


Happy Sunday!

and if you are from the US like me, it is a happy one because we have tomorrow off!   Seeing as I have had a nasty autumn cold all weekend, I figured a recent design event would lift my spirits.  Oh and It did because this one is based on one of my favorite characters, the lovable little lightening bolt Harry Potter! before Twilight or Mortal Instruments or even 50 Shades of bad writing, my book addiction was to this series.  Yes, I was that girl who preordered her new releases of Harry Potter, I’ll admit it.   This years Wizarding faire is set in Potter’s Diagon Ally.  it’s really adorable and filled with great themed items, you even have to tap the stone wall to reveal the entrance just like in the books.



As soon as I got to the event I knew I wanted to recreate a Hermione look.  I searched through my invi for an old favorite traditional look and paired it with my beloved Mon tissue  riding boots, they are an oldie but a goodie.  RO stunned me again with these detailed winged ear accessories, which I will be blogging again bc I’m infatuated.  Monso released this Game of Thrones (yet another obsession) inspired hair called Khalisi.  I finished off the look with a sweet book bag and took my pictures right at the event!

wizardingfair_010 wizardingfair_002

What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Monso Khalisi available @ The Wizarding Faire

Eyes: The Skinnery Chocolate eyes Caramel

Ear wings: RO Elysium legion

Outfit: SG 2nd moon Khaki

Book bag: B.C.C wizarding bag peachavailable @ The Wizarding Faire

Boots: Mon tissue Provence riding boots

Book: Okkbye wizarding books available @ The Wizarding Faire

Pose: Marukin

Sim: The Wizarding Faire

PicMonkey Collage wizard


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