“How to Commit the Perfect Murder”

murderous night 10

murderous night 7

murderous night 8

murderous night 3

murderous night 5

murderous night 9Its  fun  getting ready for Halloween. In the UK we really don’t celebrate it to much the kids dress up alil and may go trick or treating but its always very half hearted and if the parents can be bothered to take the kids  many never go :(( So  we get the chance to relive it in sl jumps for joy , i love decorating the Sim for autumn and then before the end of October Halloween . so how lucky am I to have  a sponsor who loves Halloween also and has been making Halloween items and poses for a couple of months now so over the next couple weeks I will blog some the great items she has made.

I started with my favorite one The Murderous Halloween with 6 poses  and a Big blade. I covered up in blood and I was good to go . I scared a noob as I was doing the photo shoot and someone tped me to meet this new guy I tp over covered in blood and massive blade in my hand I must have looked so scary poor guy .

so there will be more to come this week im kinda in a blogging mess and have got alil behind but im trying over the next few days to catch up ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

hugs Hazyxxxxx

What Hazy is Wearing

top- bloody winged top by Corvus

killer hands tattoo by Corvus
Collar- spiked Black By Corvus

hair- assami onyx by D!va

jeans- daydreamer denim crops bloody by Apple May Designs

tights- fishnets by Crickets  (a full outfit )

piercing- constentine by Sinful
boots- qupid black by Dafnis

Murderous Halloween with props and poses By Something New


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