Sweet Talking, Sugar Coated! Candy Faire 2013


Hey Lovelies!

I really wanted to get a post out for this over the weekend but I just spent way too much of my online time at the actual event to finish up in time.   This year introduces the first annual Candy Faire event and let me tell you, it is pretty rocking.  Tons of designers have chosen to participate in this event and the event items scale across what appeared to be a full sim.  Everything is decorated like candyland and there is a rainbow gum drop inspired path, in which your avi goes from tent to tent to gawk at that great deals and quirky designs.  All items are “candy” inspired so there are tons of sweet designs: Ice cream, candies, melted chocolate, cupcakes and much more.  The freebies alone are worth the tp over and I found the sim to be fairly lagless.


I find with fun inspiration like this we end up with great character looks.` I ended up going with this sexy bubblegum sleepover theme.  hey, don’t judge me, the bubblegum is in my pink hair color!  I just love Exile hair bc it comes with highlight options for crazy fun colors.  These boots from ellemno were fun, chunky, bright and a lil awkward which is like they would be in rl.  The antlers were my first Candy Faire buy and I love em and lastly the combination of the shorts and top really made me want this for rl pajamas.  I wish my inventory was my closet!  My only complaint… the event was heavy on the skins and sexier Lola/ phat azz applier type clothes.  yall know I like my full outfit options 🙂 Anyway, I hope everyone stops by this event ending on October 18th (in world link below) and that you enjoyed my post!



What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Exile: Precious Naturals

Eyes: The Skinnery Chocolate Caramel@ The Candy Faire

Makeup: Pink Acid rainbow bright@ The Candy Faire

Antlers: Utopiah my Bowey antlers tangerine available @ The Candy Faire

Necklace/ ring: *P* jewled Ghost @ The Candy Faire

Top: .Mes Sucreries. Sweet Longtop – Cupcake@ The Candy Faire

Shorts:  Kathaarian Kawii boy shorts@ The Candy Faire

Boots:  Ellemeno Stompers polkadot@ The Candy Faire

PicMonkey Collage candy


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