Come On Boy Obey Me…

Today’s post is about items from my good friend Viara Jewell’s store WS Creations. WS Creations has all sorts of fun BDSM furniture. I decided to feature the various chairs today starting with the Mistress Throne pictured above. The throne comes in Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions. The menu has both solo and couple poses, and is xcite compatible. They’re all on display at the store where you’re welcome to test them out and see the different options.

If you’d prefer something a little less regal, there’s also the Mistress chair available. It’s also filled with a tonne of poses and is xcite compatible. The textures are very well done and the menu is big enough to keep you and your partner busy for hours. (note: this menu is made for girl/girl even though I posed with Jacob)

The third in the selection of chairs is the Bondage Chair. Don’t let it’s simple appearance fool you. It’s very very fun. It has both a Male top and Female top menu, some sexy lapdances and lots of naughty goodness including RLV capabilities. I had a lot of fun tying Jacob to this chair.

Lastly, I have a limited amount of gift cards available to readers. For your chance to win one of these cards please join the *WS Creations* Star Clients group and then take a picture of yourself in the shop and send it to me, Jesica Homewood, inworld (full perms please). I’ll feature my favourite pictures here and present the winners with gift cards. Please have your entries submitted by  10/12/2013. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Throne Silver Edition (40 poses, 15 fabric textures, 3 wood textures) @ WS Creations

Throne Gold Edition (70+ poses, 25 fabric textures, 3 wood textures) @ WS Creations

Throne Platinum Edition (130+ poses, lapdances, 45 fabric textures, 3 wood textures) @ WS Creations

The Mistress Chair (87 poses, 30 fabric textures, 3 wood textures) @ WS Creations

Bondage Chair (31 poses, 6 textures, RLV compatible) @ WS Creations


2 thoughts on “Come On Boy Obey Me…

  1. my thought exactly Zeee giggles!!!! love it jess very stylish pics too and how exciting a picture contest woot xxxx

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