“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

les reves 2Exploring Sims again, Jacob told me about this Sim  LES REVES it is stunning the designer has the mp store for little pricks  is also the Sim for Elysion Adult Lounge Members Only Lounge ,joined me to the group in world and the flicker group for posting picture’s taken on Sim and so far these are my first 6 pictures I have taken there and had so much fun and such a beautifully built Sim I absolutely love it its slightly Gothicie with a pretty country feel you have to check it out .and I haven’t even touched on half the Sim this is just the first bit you tp into, but every lil inch is so beautiful I just want to take pictures all over

I stumbled across The Mad Hatters tea party and the mad hatter’s chair was great had 5 poses in and this is where I focused my pictures, the color of the chair matched my dress beautifully and even felt very regal sat here . and I meet a really nice guy who is also an avid Photographer and he gave me some nice tips ( which imma keep secret  for now hehehe)

So This week at Full Moon Sim we are celebrating 150 Friday parties that’s nearly 3 years of partying and wow have we had some amazing times . we seen a lot people come and a lot go in this time , we had Tears we had much laughter so here to the first 3 years and cant wait for the next 3 more :))

if you would like to come join us tonight It is party at $pm slt till 6 pm slt  Formal dress With the Natorieous  Mat Fini Djing We want this to be a special event as it is to us and that is made special by numerous different people coming so bring your auntie ,uncles friends ,lovers cats and dogs and we see you there

les reves 4

les reves dancing amongst the graves1

les reves 6

les reves 3

Tp To party at Full Moon  FMF

What Hazy Is Wearing

Dress -mum gown in purple by Purple Moon designs

Ears-  sylph ears By ~*Illusions*~*

necklace- Isis solar magic By Maxi Gossamer

Eyes -The beautiful opera By little Pricks

face- tattoo peacock by white widow

hair – Lana Onyx By D!VA
Shoes-   Coqueta skull by Kiki Designs

Little Pricks sim Teleport

Have  A great weekend everyone big hugs and love Hazy xxx


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