A Taste of Toronto

For my second post I’ve decided to feature what is quite possibly my favourite part of our house, the bedroom. I purchased the Toronto bedroom set from Bazar and absolutely love it. We live in a small cottage style house with limited space so finding something to fit and match was quite a challenge. The set comes with a whole assortment of accessories and decorative items. The wood is colour change as are the blankets/pillows on the bed. The animations are  extremely well done and the set is available in both adult and PG versions. (I’ll let you guess as to which version I purchased…lol)

This is a view of how I have it all set up. I added a few items from other stores (Credits at bottom) but for the most part the Toronto set fit our needs perfectly. Also it’s called Toronto which makes it feel like home.

Lastly, here is a view of the whole set as it’s on display at the store. I wanted to include this so that you could get a view of all of the items that are included as there are a few which I was unable to use/fit into our house. Everything pictured here is included in the set and also available for individual purchase. And the price is incredibly reasonable. Only L$589 for the full PG set or L$639 for the Adult set.


Toronto Bedroom Set – @ Bazar

Stringlights With Photos @ Trompe Loeil

Sub Pillow Hearts @ dommelab

Canvas – Love 0001 @ Funky Punk


3 thoughts on “A Taste of Toronto

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  2. ummm my guess is you got the pg version Right???? im so happy we got an interior designer on board . and i soo must go check out Bazar . great post xxxxx hazy xxxxx

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