This Is Halloween……


So we are entering my favorite time of year!!! The fall is so wonderful, the colors , that chill in the air, and the scent of apples. Halloween has always been my fav holiday, even since I can remember! I grew up in Salem Mass, which is known for the witch trials back in 1692. If you don’t know about it Google it, or IM me and I will give you a history lesson =) Anyways now a days Salem is a lot of fun this time of year, Halloween last the whole month there. There are tons of events going on daily, but toward the end of the month is when all the masquerade balls start. They have a balls for everything witches, vampires, zombies, even and undead tea party……


Sadly I have now moved away from Salem, and Halloween just isn’t the same for me anymore. So when I heard about the Fantasy Gacha Event, I was all over that! I try to get my Halloween fix in whatever way I can. Today I’m featuring two items from PFC and both are available at the Gacha. The bracers in the picture are from Forge, these are also at the Gacha. The bracers are a common item and fairly easy to get. So head over there and try your luck! For those of you looking to trade make sure to join there group at the landing point.


I will have lots more to come from this event the items over there are EPIC!!! 

Helm – PFC~Defender – Sorrow

Shoulders – PFC~The Hunter – Coal

Bracers – [The Forge] Viking Bracer (Black/Silver) Common

Hit up the Gacha here!!!


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