Hi, I’m Awkward

I’ve been looking for something new to try for a while now and have decided to try my hand at blogging. When you’ve been in SL as long as I have new things aren’t always so easy to find. So,  I’m super thankful to the folks at Full Moon for letting me help out with their blog. I’m excited to have the opportunity! I don’t have a real plan set out as to what to blog about just yet but I’ll figure some stuff out with time. I know I have a bit of an obsession with interior design so I can promise some stuff about that as well as fashion, photography, and random coolness. I am also totally open to suggestions so if you have any brilliant and/or fun ideas feel free to send ’em my way. You can comment here or find me on Facebook, SLX Connect, flickr and of course,  inworld. I’m always happy to chat and make new friends.


Shorts – City Cargo Shorts @ SUGAR
LIp Gloss –  Strawberry Gloss @ VILLENA
Shirt – mindy – tshirt  awkward black @ ERRATIC
Lip Piercing – Monroe  (unavailable)
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands Casual  @ SLINK
Hair – Siobhan – Black & Whites 06 @ TRUTH HAIR
Shoes –  PornStar Lo-Tops @ UBU
Wristband – Rainbow Peace Wristband @ VANTELLI
Septum Piercing – Seppy @ IPOKE
Skin – Katya – Jamaica @ GLAM AFFAIR
Eyes – Damage Chance  (unavailable)


7 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Awkward

  1. woot woot welcome on board how excited i am to have u all with us and the idea of interior design i sa great idea i have tons of stuff i been meaning to put together but damned im so together lol.
    cant wait to see what u have to offer and a fantastic first post hugs and loves to u xxx hazy xxxx

  2. Hey Jesica! A big Full Moon welcome to you, we all know you have great style, welcome to our world of fashion and fun, be sure to join my group Secondlife Fashion Photography and Blogging! ❤

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