“The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.”

elfin hazy

I had fun this week starting to decorate sim for autumn . My favorite time of year as the colours are so delicious. Summer is long gone and in Britain the autumnal months have begun. Although it is colder, wetter and darker, the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ of John Keats is magical and beautiful in many ways.the strong smell of the cider apples growing on the trees, the pretty coloring as the trees and bushes change color ooh its wonderful I love it. Where I live its full of beautiful countryside so the inspiration for the colors and trees for what I want to do to our Sim is spilling over in my mind. looking in market place at my three favorite tree stores ( remember I’m a total tree addict )i find some really pretty autumn trees and match my summer ones perfect buy buy buy . I take up all my summer trees and am now decorating with the new.

So speaking to Ally Dwyer Ryne   I just happened to ask her if she had some female single poses and she passed me two lots with about 6 poses in each box I was so happy as I had made an elfin Hazy and wanted some simple female poses to capture my new look. something new poses does it again 🙂

and that was it I spent the next few hours in the forest in finite fini  as seemed the perfect setting for an elf . I’m loving how my pictures came out I think I’m going to stay elfin for a lil while now

I am having big thought about finding a new shape and skin. I been like this for a few years now so fancy a make over, but ooh my were to begin? so many beautiful shapes and skins, I soooo don’t know where to start.

imma have alota trying demo skins and   shapes before I buy as its too much money to then say “ooh I don’t like it!!” so if you see a new Hazy around its still me guys:)sn model poses 7

sn model poses 6

sn model poses 5

sn model poses 1

sn model poses 12

amyclae sim and elfin hazyHope you  enjoyed my pictures you will find them on the something new flicker page

If you happen to go to the market place and buy your self something new great poses be sure to add  the pictures you take with them to this flicker group

so here are my pictures of sim        Autumn comes to Finite Fini ( Full Moon)

autumn 2

autumn 1

autumn 4

What hazy is wearing

~*illusions*~ sylph ears

LeeZu -mia corset pants

GA– mesh lashes
White Widow– face tattoo peaco

~*By Snow*~ hybrid green eyes

Emo-tions–  hair  mystery brown pack

Maxi Gossamer Jewellary– necklace isis solar magic
whatever– spike ring mesh
shoes- now not available

bra- now not available sorry folks

My Favorite Trees on Sim

3d trees


we’re closed


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