It’s been awhile..


I feel like it has been forever since I posted….I took a bit of a break from sl, anyone who has played  for some time knows that sometimes you need to get away from it for a bit. However I’m back! I was excited to return to the latest gatcha event, which Shi released the finger less gloves! I love these gloves, they come with the mesh hands attached. They also come with a hud to help you match your skin, which was fairly easy to do.


At the Men’s dept this month, I picked up the tattoo and the beard. This tattoo’s line work is great! Some times you have people who makes tat’s  just blur the lines where the texture lines up on the back of the arms. This tattoo lines up perfectly, it also extends down over your hand and up into your hairline. It was a great addition to my collection of tattoos!

Gloves – .Shi : Fingerless Glove

Shoes – [monso] My Studded Oxford

Pants – Fruk BioTech pants

Hair Base – AITUI – Standard Hair Base

Hair – ::Exile:: Revolver

Facial Hair – [K]lean TMD Facial hair

Tattoo –  [Ner .Ink] Loyal Truth * ( 2 )

Ears – *GD* – Stretched Ears

Facial Piercings – .Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing

I love this song…so much better then the original!



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