The Mad Doctor! Disney Bound Finale: Walt Disney





I am sad to announce that the Disney Bounding challenge is over but I am excited for it to go out with a bang!  This has by far been my favorite challenge to participate in over the last few months and since I started (week 8)  I have completed every challenge! yay to me, I may still go back and do the first eight when I have time.  The final inspiration was not a specific Disney character but the founder and imaginative Walt Disney.  He is the “mad Doctor” of all things Disney and was a creative mastermind among many other things (depending on who you ask :p).  Did you know he was the original voice of Mickey Mouse?


I decided to go classic black and white as homage to the original Mickey Mouse cartoons, which was exciting as I have never done that for a blog post before.  Some how I don’t think Walt would have put his outfit together  quite the way I did but this dark cardigan is definitely something I could picture him wearing while editing.  The moustache bag was cute and a great deal on Market Place, as  was this cute comb over hair!  A couple inspirational quotes and wallah! Instant-Disney.  Again I have so enjoyed this challenge and I can not wait for the next one that grabs my attention, untill then, hazy and I will be blogging as usual for inspiration is everywhere you look!



What Cait is wearing:

Shape: Al vulo Eleanor

Skin: Essences Whisper

Hair: DOLO French Coffee

Cardigan: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Wool Cardi Available @ Collaber88 September

Purse: sixboi’s Mustache bag black

PicMonkey Collage walt


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