Something More! DB Week 25: Belle



So second to last Disney Bounding challenge and this one was from maybe my favorite ever Disney movie beauty and the Beast!  It is a toss up between this one and Aladdin for sure,  I love Belle, her awkward grace and especially her love of fantasy and reading.  We all long for adventure and this little lady certainly found it in her Beastly love interest.  Skip the implications that come with falling in love with a monster who threatens your family and holds you captive, and Beauty and the Beast is a classic love fairytale.


My favorite scene in this movie is actually the intro in which we find Belle in her “Provincial town”, reading a story book and being pursued by the ‘love to hate him’ Gaston!  I based my look on this but I could not give up the staple golden hues of Belle’s yellow gown and this princess dress helped me incorporate the two.  This hair that I got at the 2013 Hair Fair made me think of Belle’s brown pony.  An oversized golden bow and red rose were great B&B acessories.  It appears Belle is holding on to that enchanted rose for dear life!  Make sure to watch the clip of the scene below to refresh your memory 🙂



What Cait’s wearing:

Hair: Lelutka: Alvina

Rose: Wishbox single rose closed

Sweater and skirt: *LPD* Princess dress pastel yellow

Bow: Y&R Big bow headband

Sim: Bitacora

picMonkey belle


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