It’s a girl! The Arcade is in town!


Hey Mooners,

It’s that time again!  When the smell of freshly popped popcorn fills the air, the buzz of slot machines in your ears, floating through a sea of lag to get into the beloved Arcade event.  Top designers come together to offer limited edition items and in a fun twist for sl shopping, you never know just what you are going to get.  Pay a base price and you will receive one of about 12 items in the gatcha machine, a couple of which are RARE items.  People come from all over sl to take part and there has even been a big following for trading and selling unwanted items.  It may take a few attempts to tp in, but once you do it is totally worth the time!


So, I had my heart set on a few Arcade items, unfortunately I had to wait until my lindens agreed :p  One of the was this sweet night-dress from (Drum roll please) *Teefy.  If you follow my blog you know i rarely mention them (sarcasm).  I love this designer and can barely keep up with their releases.  Another favorite of mine is Diva Hair, I can not get enough of their soft, wispy looks and this up do did not disappoint, I bought three colors and scored the rare option that has several lilys winding through the back!  Now on to my favorite item, I saw this “It’s a Girl” baby from u.f.o in the catalog for the arcade and decided then and there I would have to have it, I prepared myself for some heavy dealing involving several sale attempts and trading options.  I strolled up to the machine, put in my first 50l and to my delight i got her on the first try!!! wooo and yay and stuff! Anyway, she is so cute with her little pout, bunny suit and sleepy eyes, I just couldn’t stop cuddling her 🙂


and if all else fails… why not a miley cover by this far more talented guy?

What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences: Whisper

Hair: “”D!va”” hair Giz Cateye available @ The Arcade

Dress: *Teefy Aurora nightdress available @ The Arcade

Necklace: VCO Worry Doll pink available @ The Arcade

Baby Doll: U.f.o It’sa girl baby doll rare available @ The Arcade

Skybox: Inverse Malibu

PicMonkey Collage m


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