“Sorry, old girl,” I said to [the bicycle] Gladys in the gray dishwater light of early morning, “but I have to leave you at home.”

Poor bike having to be left at home :)) but hey its been decorated with  lovely old tins and Gypsophile known as baby breath its very pretty and looks prefect on our beach outside the beach hut This is another of the beautiful items for sale  at the Kollective Home and garden

HOME & GARDEN AD1And not only is this bike a pretty Sim decoration it also has the scripts in it to be a teleporter, it has a really useful on screen manual  that u wear and it tells you step by step how to set it up for your land . also  shows you how to name the little sign that when you buy it says “welcome to my garden” I want to put them all over my Sim as  its the prettiest teleporter I have yet seen:)

old bike 2

old bike 1My outfit (that I was already currently wearing matched perfectly so there was no need to change  which was great as it takes me over an hour usually to find an outfit so I was happy I didn’t have to worry about my clothing and concentrate on the pretty old bike.

bike with hazy So there we have it the second great item for sale at the Kollective Home and garden

where to find this pretty bike

GOC garden ketta at the kollective Home and Garden

Huggies Mooners more to come tomorrow XXX Hazy xxxx


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