“I’m afraid of those cows,’ protested poor Dora, seeing a prospect of escape. ‘The very idea of your being scared of those cows,’ scoffed Davy. ‘Why, they’re both younger than you.”

HOME & GARDEN AD1Such exciting news !!!! would you like to hear it??? omg I cannot contain my excitement …well On the 1st of September  The Kollective Home and Garden   started and its on for the whole month, now that is my idea of pure heaven. As in real I have always wanted to do interior Design but never actually got to do it.  When I was at the age of 35 I went back to  art school, the toss up was to do interior design or theatre set and costume design and the later won, but then I discovered second life 4 years ago I was in my element with having a full Sim to decorate  and rentals that need my artistic eye.

I love to hunt through market place and furniture stores for new shabby chic and interesting pieces of furniture  and items for our Sim. I am  a big tree addict and think I own most of the trees that have been designed in sl

When I saw the advert for the Kollective home and Garden I was so excited  , then to see they were looking for bloggers I filled out that form soo fast I didn’t even have time to think about what I was doing:)) then within a couple of hours and I am contacted being told they love me to blog for them , i am jumping around with excitement . My boyfriend says “what u so happy about?”  “I been accepted to blog for the kollective” laughs!! I’m sure he didn’t get my excitement but he gives me a half hearted “well done babe”

The idea around this is each designer is assigned a blogger and they join minds and design the ideas from the blogger . and by what I have seen I love , so this is a great fun idea.tk

so the first thing I am going to show you ( I am going to try and blog one item each day this week for you) Is the cows, yes I know cows sounds odd but they so pretty, I spent the evening moving them all around our Sim they look great everywhere , I put them on the Barge boat first sadly the front the boat was a lil small so I didn’t manage to get a great picture, I then move them up the hill a little and looking at them from the top I thought they looked great with all the trees behind .

cows 4

cows 3And on I went maybe went a little over board but I had so much fun. I took them to The Ghetto

and The skatepark  

They amused a number of people which I suppose just encouraged me to take them on tour around the Sim:))

more cow skate parkSo these cows are designed by  by pernickety  inspired by Blogger Kai Diamond

Then just to finish my photo shoot of these cows I did two more random pictures as I thought it be fun to do

so here you are !!!

green n pink cows

cows  in whiteOk I have finished now I promise. No more cow pictures unless I come up with another great idea where I can put them 🙂

where to find these cool cows

The Cow couple lawn decor . western cows that moo with milk cans , flowers and ivy wreath by pernickety

Come on down to the Kollective Home and Garden on from the 1st september to the end of the month

Watch this space for the next post  tomorrow the next  item i am going to blog  I know you all gonna love its really pretty

love u all mooners see you soon xxxx Hazy xxxxx


2 thoughts on ““I’m afraid of those cows,’ protested poor Dora, seeing a prospect of escape. ‘The very idea of your being scared of those cows,’ scoffed Davy. ‘Why, they’re both younger than you.”

  1. I like those cows .. I would like them more minus the hats regardless where I live in our down town area one time they had cow statues designed and painted all different ways and placed sparatically through on side walks in front of shops etc that’s what this reminds me of.. 🙂 love to see things blogged that are different and not that you’ve seen a million times 🙂

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