The Dragon Within: DB week 23 Mushu from Mulan




So the long weekend is coming to an end here in the US.  How fast time flies, back to work tomorrow, so I’m using my Labor day to make Lamb stew and blog a little something for you all.  Can you believe there are only two weeks left for Disney bound? I sure cant, but I am super excited to see who the last to characters in store are.  This week I got to indulge my love for asian decor and colors when they announced that Mushu from Mulan was the weeks inspiration.  Who wouldn’t want a pet dragon?  In China, the color red symbolizes prosperity and good fortune and is often worn at weddings, as my absolute favorite color (and Mushu’s main hue) I had a blast putting together this look.


The sim I visited for these pictures has been in my favorites for years, it is beautifully built Japanese (I know Mulan is chinese but it works) sim that is lovely to explore and very peaceful.  You can explore the japanese school-house, the beautiful forest and even w fantastic japanese winter garden covered in new fallen snow.  As I said before, My looks inspiration was red so I grabbed this fiery hair from lyric and added the corresponding beanie in navy to represents Mushu’s blue horns.  The bold sharpe collar of this top reminded me of dragon scales and my trusty golden-yellow Monso jeans finished it off.  Have a great week!






What Cait is wearing:

Hair/ Hat: Chemistry Hair Lyric

Bracelets: League Wanderer

Shirt: Deetalez Large Collar shirt red

Pants: My First Jeans Monso

Poses: Marukin Kook (NA)

Sim: Little Witch Forest





PicMonkey Collagemushu


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