I know why caged birds sing…

Wow I so loved this new  prop from something new, when I saw caged bird before I opened the box my initial reaction was ooh no its gonna be a slave and master cagy type thing. It wasn’t at all its this big pretty cage with three love doves in and a lil swing with a big heart and lock on it  the poses where cute, there is always a humorous side to our lovely creator of Something New and the upside down pose made me laugh.

I was already in my demon form and I felt the cuteness of the birdcage and the badness of my demon side worked actually quite well as I was almost as pretty as a bird with my purple and black skin so had  great fun with this bird cage which I rezed in the church we had up on sim that was left over from our event we had last Friday this  created the perfect backdrop for me

Oh my also had an update to my horns and tail  made by Sinful Needs and wow the detail of the hud that comes with them is awesome , its actually the most detailed and state the art hud I have seen so far. I was impressed and spent about hour and half playing with and exploring my  ( could almost say new tail and horns) as before they never did all this stuff so wow well done for the fantastic new update i’m so happy with itbirdcage poses 8

birdcage poses captured

birdcage poses 6

birdcage poses 5

birdcage poses 2

birdcage poses 4

birdcage poses 3

What Hazy wears

vampire eyes   by drd  (not made any more but store still wicked check it out)

avatar  demon  violet and black skin by ::AKA::

Hair –  Mera luna * black By Emo-tions

outfit – obsession green outfit by EXxEsS

piercings by sinful Constantine piercing
boots – Bloody H*ll boots black by Ayara

Horns – dark brood princess horns  by Sinful Needs
Tail- Mazzaru ascendant strapped tail by Sinful Needs


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