In Dark Places

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It’s only Wednesday and yet this week has already been chaotic.. something in the air? people being over dramatic? too much sensitive emotions? who knows.. but what better way to put it all to rest than to let it inspire. I’ve seen this amazing hair by Lelutka around SL and the blogsphere and hoped it came in black. Sure enough it did, so I HAD to buy it. It’s a little much for me for “everyday” but it definitely works when you’re rocking the right look.

I paired it with this sleek leather bodice dress I picked up at FaMESHed.. and opted to go shoeless. There’s just something about N-Core’s tiptoe mesh feet that makes me feel like shoes are highly overrated. They’re one of few avi add on’s that I could wear over and over and never grow tired of seeing.

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In the grand scheme of things, life is short.. hiding in dark places is one option to dealing with stressful times, but realistically your best defense is just being yourself. People aren’t always going to understand or see things the same way as you.. they’ll either love you or hate you. Who cares what anyone thinks about you, so long as you can sleep at night. Here’s hoping next week is brighter. For everyone. ♥

What Torment is wearing:

(Hair) Lelutka – EMELI – in pitch

(Hair Base) – Wasabi Pills – in night shadow

(Dress) – NYU – bodice dress (black leather) – available now at FaMESHed

(Tattoo) – Endless Pain Tattoos – bad romance

(Feet) – N-Core – tiptoe mesh bare feet


3 thoughts on “In Dark Places

  1. yes yes i agree i love my bear feet and have had issues going back to shoes hahahah and belive me a shoe addict i am :))
    and yes omg if we didnt have alil madness around us we wouldnt enjoy the good quiet times :))
    and a dark place is good giggles i wonnnnnt say what me and waag did earlier in the dark in the church yard soo i agree dark places ooh can be soo good:}}

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