Just passing the time…

blog 7

Today I went to the Hazardous sim to take some pictures. Now if you haven’t been over to this sim, it really is a must see! When you first teleport onto the platform, you have to choose the way you wish to fall into the sim. When I first went there I didn’t realize this and was just like “oh a bathtub! I’m gonna take some pictures”.  Well needless to say those pictures never happened in the tub.  This sim helped me make my most favorite picture I’ve done to date. ( see above )

blog 9 finished

Let me tell you some stuff about myself…..  I don’t change my skin often, OK well kinda never.  I love the skin I wear, it not that I don’t like other skins I just choose not to change. So I will probably not do allot of reviews of skins here, most of my reviews will be about clothes.  I use my own shape and my avie is allot smaller then most avies out there, my height is set to 6’7ft, most people average 9ft. So most times I do have to rebuild alot of my items, sometimes I buy things that will never fit my avie.

blog 8

The jeans in the picture are from one of my favorite stores Razor, you will probably see me post alot about them. Not only is Razor store great but they also do a number of events for designers!  This past event was “Boys of summer” which is now closed =(  These jeans are not something that I normally would have worn, as I”m not really into the “baggy look”. However I love these jeans!

What Jacob is Wearing….

Jeans – Razor /// Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt ( this item was at “boys of summer event” Kehl Razor stated he will be releasing it in his main store with more color options) @ Razor

Boots – *DL* Baggers Men’s Mesh Boots – Skulls @ Dirty Lynx 

Tattoo – bleak .Out of the World Tattoo ( main store is under construction ) on MP @ Bleak Store

Beard – bleak . Jawline Hair ( This isn’t available on Bleak’s MP store that I could find, hopefully it will be added to their main store when it opens )

Hair – *Drot* The Tobi- Chocolate @ Drot

Nipple Piercings – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing @ Haus of Darcy

Facial Piercing – .HoD. – The Beast’s Mark @ Haus of Darcy

Chest Dermals – .HoD. – TV Simple Chest Dermals @ Haus of Darcy

Hip Dermals – <-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Hips) Male @ Puncture

I leave you with nothing……

(for those who don’t know, that is cindy lou who all grown up 0.o)


2 thoughts on “Just passing the time…

  1. i love hazardous is such a cool sim i also took some my fav pics to date there also
    and i aslso dont change ma skin or shape so snap snap and snap again:)) im love loveloving these pics jacob they rock xxxxx

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