Eat Your Heart Out Donald!


Happy weekend!

I finally had a moment to catch up on my Disney Bound entry this morning and I am happy to bring you this weeks character: Daisy Duck!   She was one classy bird and was the apple of cranky but cute Donald’s eye.   As a kid I loved watching these two, even if i struggled to understand the duck speak.


I wanted to find the perfect blouse for Miss Daisy and when i saw this lavender Villena crop, I was thrilled.  It is so classy and tailored and the button detailing is adorable.  I searched in my inventory for a flouncy white skit to mimic Daisy’s  feathers and found this buttoned bristol skirt, score 🙂  throw in some fun accessories and a cute cropped hair cut and Daisy was ready to go.  Donald better have some big plans for this evening and leave Huey, Dewey and Luey at home!

Enjoy this adorable classic Daisy and Donald cartoon!


What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essenses whisper

Hair: Wasabi pills skye

Bow: RO Briar Bow Headband

Glasses: Balkanic 80’s White (NA)

Blouse: Villena pointed collar top

Skirt: Little Bones Bristol Skirt

 PicMonkey Collagedaisy


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