Wring Your Hands, Sing the End.

First and foremost I’m excited to introduce those of you reading to an awesome Designer/Blogger, Nyxie Core.. she run’s the MarketPlace store [R]3hab.. which offers fashion forward clothing designs and accessories. And while she’s relatively new (only been designing a year) it’s clear she has design talent. I’ve fallen in love with my new romper from her store, and bought a few in different colors. (because just 1 is never enough) Hip and fun this Romper fits like a glove, comes in multiple colors and uses standard sizing. Paired with her Bowed Mouse Ears, which are some of the best I’ve seen on SL and some cute shoes, I did the unthinkable and wore the same outfit for three days. And I am one of “those people” that changes their avi’s clothes daily.

I visited a 1930’s Post Apocalyptic sim named “Innsmouth” to take these pics.. it’s worth a visit as the Architecture and Seascape New Engand scenery make for an epic backdrop. I look forward to seeing what new designs Nyxie comes up with in the future. Keep an eye out for her people, I sense big things.

What Torment is Wearing:

(shoes) Helena – by Redgrave

(romper) [R] White Romper – by [R]3hab

(nails) by Mandala

(hair) – Truth, LeLutka, & Magic

(ears) Mouse Ears – by [R]3hab

Before I head off into the Mountains and Woods for 7 days (vacation.. mini vacation.. yoga retreat), I couldn’t go without also giving props to another incredibly talented creator on SL (since music and fashion go hand in hand).. Who I should also mention just happens to be a member of FM Clan. Laylani Xurina aka Lani to her friends, owns a store in the Ghetto of the FM sim called “[Filthilay]“. Her store offers gestures and dancers of the best quality, but recently it’s had a new addition. Her LX7 Dance Huds, which offer 7 dances and 7 songs per Hud. Not only are her dancers completely in sync with the music, (seriously, they will blow your mind) but if your friends buy it also, then you all can have a dance party while listening to the same song. It gets better! They come with an avi attachment!!! A small ipod that when worn in your hand allows those around you hear the song your dancing to as well. Who doesn’t love options? Well done lani!! Keep up the amazing and inventive work! SL needs more of it!! If interested in her LX7 Dance Huds they can be purchased IW at her store.

**Photo of Lani taken & edited by Torment Deceit


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