It Starts…


I recently met a number of new people in SL. One night while wandering around exploring, I happened to fall into a Friday night party at Full Moon. I met some amazing people here, a couple of them started talking with me about starting a blog. I kinda had thoughts about starting one a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure just yet. As fate would have it I was led to these wonderful people. The first question I asked was how to you keep up with ideas, what do you choose to blog about. Someone suggested that I start doing challenges, and linked me to a StrawberrySingh post about her SL bucket list. So here I am……

blog 1 finished

  • Start a blog – I got a random idea a few weeks ago, thinking  that I wanted to do more with my SL. Starting a blog seem like a fun thing to do, so here is my very first post. Now I can check it off my list!
  • Learn Mesh -this will take some time…mostly cause  I’m lazy
  • Take some pictures – I never take pictures. I want to learn to do some great pictures. Some of the things people create are just amazing.
  • Own a club– There is a catch to this though….you will not be allowed inside unless your well dressed. I will have a set of judges to let you through….Yes I’m vain!
  • Find some great sims– I mean Sl is full of wonderful places. I have been in this game for 7 years now, but daily I’m stunned by what people build. If you have links you think I should check out then please send them to me!

blog2 finished

What Jacob is wearing….

Shirt: Razor // Rebel Button up @ Seraphim Social Event (Not available @ main store yet)

Jeans:   Ronsem Straihgt Jeans/blue ( Comes w/boxers) @ Ronsem

Necklace:  Kosh Pivot Necklace @ Kosh

Skin: Marlon Pale Skin @ Egoisme

Beard: Evian. Olympus Dieties Collection- Trident Beard @  Egoisme

Hair:  Truth Hair Jon-Browns @ Truth Hair

Hands:  [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4 @ CheerNo

Tattoo: DP D.O.A.G Tattoo ( Comes with Tango and Lush appliers Ladies…)Dethly Productions

Piercings: HoD – The Beast’s Mark @ Haus of Darcy

Piercings: HoD – Simples Chest Demals @ Haus of Darcy

Eyes: Milky Eyes -Milky Sea @ Poetic Colors @ The Mens Dept

Shoes: Slip-ons – Mesh Shoes (Lots of options for colors)  Super Kingdom

I will leave you with a new found love that I have developed over the last few days ….


6 thoughts on “It Starts…

  1. i’m away on vacation, but took the time to read this tonight, since i saw it waiting in que and was eager for your first post! 🙂 very awesome.. love the humor and the outfit of choice is awesome. epic first post Jacob. *high five*

  2. laughs u dork u cant have a club and not let ppl in cause they not well dresses hahahahahhahahahhaha what happens when noobs come umm sorry ur a noob go way LOOOOOL
    too funny
    yep i loving your first post made me chuckle alot hahah and soo glad u came randomly to our sim xxxxx we gotcha now and not letting u go:))

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