Introducing My Twin.. Bhad Unicorn Craven!!

Hey everyone!!  I’m really excited about this post because I get to share with you all the amazing news that my wonderfully talented twin brother Bhad will be joining us all on Full Moon blog as a male contributor!!! Why do I say that he’s wonderfully talented? Simple.. not only is Bhad an incredibly kind hearted, quick witted, and intelligent man.. he’s also a gifted designer, and incredibly stylish. Since meeting him I’ve been rendered awestruck time and again by his incredible designs. I’m looking forward to his posts on FM Blog and you should be too!

Earlier this week, Bhad had the epic idea that his Introduction post be a collaboration between the two of us, a twin post if you will. I can never say ‘no’ to my twin, so off we went to the Wasteland sim to do some twinny photos. (He of course had to bring a bottle of JD with him.. but it was quickly confiscated.. as our Mother joined us to watch us snap pics)

Bhad owns the store [BU] Bad Unicorn Clothing, which offers Urban Street style clothing for both Men and Women. The store itself is wonderfully layed out, and worth a visit if you find yourself looking for a new outfit. For this post however, we compiled our outfits with items from some of our favorite stores/events.

Here’s a little hello from Bhad himself:


            “Hey guys,
I just joined the Full Moon Blogspot as a male blogger thanks to my twin sister Torment Deceit. I hope to offer an interesting urban style to the blog. As Tory mentioned in SL I own a clothing store called [BU] Bad Unicorn Clothing & have since May 2012. In my free time I like to blog a variety of different outfits, play war, hang with my SL friends and family, and am often not far off the heels of my beautiful girlfriend Jek. Feel free to send me a notecard with any questions about the things I post here on FM Blog.”

In closing, I’d just like to say one final time how excited I am to have my twin on board with Hazy, Cait and myself.. I love the posts he’s made on his own Fashion Blog, and I really look forward to seeing what he brings to Full Moon Blog, from a male Fashion perspective.

What Bhad Has On:

(Tattoo) CREDO† – No Regrets HD Tattoo

(Hat) ARCADE GACHA – RO – Royalty Snapback RARE


(Shoes) – Snow Boa – Jordan SC-1

(Shorts) – BALKANIK2.0 – BAGGYSLIM_Yellowcustom Blk2.0prod


What Torment Has On:

(Hair) Magika – Stubborn – In Blacks

(Ears) Mandala Stretched Mesh Ears

(Tattoo) by  Aitui

(Shoes) BALKANIK2.0 – Sneaker’z  In White

(Pants) BLK2.0 2LOW_BAGGY-STD with underpant In Intense Blue

(Necklace) by Cute Poison

Both Bhad and Torment are wearing the BLK2.0 Open Hood Hoodie In Cargo

**For Larger View of the Images please see Flickr


3 thoughts on “Introducing My Twin.. Bhad Unicorn Craven!!

  1. what a great first twinny post cant wait to see what more to come loves u both and i knows its gonna be amazing and a great asset to full moon blog so welcome and lets take this by storm Full Moon Blog is def here and its here to stay bishes so get over it:))
    Hazy xxx

    • Hi 5 Queenie! 🙂
      and thanks.. we worked really hard on this post, i like to think it shows. 😀 ❤
      FM for lyfe!! *does some cool gang signs and stuff*

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