Another new male contributor! Jacob Goodfellow!



Hey luvs!

What a busy day here on Full Moon Blog spot!   and I have some awesomesauce news!  We have another new contributor yayyy.   Jacob Goodfellow will be joining the team and posting male fashion looks so prepare to eat your heart out ladies 🙂  as for the guys Jacob will be joining Bhad to feature up to date male items and fashions on FullMoonBlogSpot.  I am super excited to be getting our male focus off the ground, can you tell?  Jacob is a new brother to Full Moon, he has a great sense of style and a unique yet current look.    He is new to the blogasphere but knows his stuff so I am more the confidant he will be bringing all sorts of great things to FMBlogspot.  Welcome Jacob!

I’m starting a new adventure, and I wonder where it will take me. I’m excited about the new possibility that I’ve opened for myself.  I will be bringing a more punk, geek and slightly gothy sense of style to the blog.   However no one know where the road might lead…

We have some amazing contributors onboard and sense there will be something for everyone.  Welcome, Welcome to our talented new male department Bhad Unicorn and Jacob Goodfellow!!!


2 thoughts on “Another new male contributor! Jacob Goodfellow!

  1. yaya for an new addiction blogging is soo addictive and yet so fun and Jacob i love u to bits even if i have known u a short while . soo excited to see what u bring us goth, punk , geeek love love love it xxxxx
    Hazy xxxxx

  2. it was so much fun hanging out with you and your beautiful wife last night. and i’m very excited to see what you do with your posts Jacob! congrats on a new addiction. lol. 🙂

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