Down the Rabbit Hole!


Hey all!

So I have been busy lately and have so much new stuff to share with you, hopefully I will be blogging a lot in the upcoming week.  My favorite challenge, Disney Bound released two character’s this week to help get me extra behind! Hehe thanks for that guys!  The first is Alice from Alice in wonderland.  I was so excited because I love the dark undertones to this story and the classic old Disney animation style.  Poor little Alice tries to escape boredom and soon finds herself immersed in a world where anything is possible but there is a dark side to this wonderland.


To recreate my Alice look I knew I wanted a classic blue and white combination and the teal belted dress was so adorable, I snatched it up (you may remember me blogging its pink counter part in the past Bubbly post.)  I needed some more blue so I added this hair bow from katat0nik, which also happens to be wonderland themed at their main store, lucky for me.  I really wanted to capture Alice’s wide eyed innocence and the oddity/ intrigue of wonderland.


What Cait is Wearing:

Skin: Essenses Noodles (Subscriber gift)*

Hair: Magika Calm

Bow: *katat0nik* (purple/teal) Dolly Vine Hair Bows @ Collaber88

Dress: -tb-Frilly Dress pokadots @ Collaber88 July

Shoes/ socks: DN Mary Jane pumps Black

Poses: Purple poses: Alice and Diana

Sim:*katat0nik* Main store

PicMonkey Collage alice


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