sunday morning going slow,talking to the radio,clothes and records on the floor memories of the night before…

image essential welcome to ma homeimage essential  1

image essential photo gardeningimage essential dancing in the gardenImage essential sim does a photo competition every month and I try and enter it if I get time.  This month a house has been rezed and the picture has to be to be in and around this house . Your own poses can be used or the ones at the house . There are two categories a raw shot using any wind light settings or an edited  picture . Only one picture can be submitted .

I haven’t yet decided which one to yet enter . Waagwan says the gardening one,  but I feel the first one where I’m at the front of the house but I’m sure it will come to me .

my outfit is one I have had for a little while but never worn ( back to my old issue of not being able to wear more than one alpha) so I am still exploring my inventory and trying out all the beautiful stuff I haven’t yet worn

this dress is cool and actually saying this so is most of livglam clothing as they come with a cool HUD and can change the coloring of the dress so it gives u so many more options and being as indecisive as I am this is perfect for me:))

What Hazy is wearing

dress – anikin Bodycon dress By (LIV)glam

Hair- Paloma 2 liquice whip by Sugar smack

necklace- gypsy by earthstone

earrings-3 in a row hoop by RYCA

bracelet Out damned spot gold bracelet by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery

shoes- nikta stilletos green leather by Cliche

Nails- nail pallete by Mandala

Skin – models own

shape models own

Hugs every one and be sure to click the like button and share if u would like to and ooh one more thing hit the vote button it mean ooh so much to us bloggers:))

much love Hazy xxx


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