Autumn Dreamer

It’s been hot.. It’s summer, It’s supposed to be hot. For most of us anyhow. But this year, it’s been unseasonably warm. That said, I can’t help but daydream of cooler days. And who doesn’t love the cool whisper of Autumn winds while the sun still shines bright and warm? It’s not here yet, but it’s coming.. faster than any of us think.

Visiting the Tempura Japan sim felt like the perfect place to take some Autumn inspired pics to show off these beautiful antlers by Schadenfreude that I snagged from Collabor88 last night.. I paired them with the NEW lace dress from Villena  which I’ve fallen in love with and had to buy in three colors.

Normally I keep to silver metals when wearing jewellery and accessories but I couldn’t resist this cross necklace by Cute Poison in gold, I’d seen it around for a little while now and was happy to find it while out shopping the other evening. I’m excited for Fall Fashion in SL.. since this will be my first. Cute sweaters and leggings paired with boots? yes please. But until then.. bring on the summer dresses!

What Torment Is Wearing:

Villena Lace Dress in Black
Counting Stars by Exile (Hair Fair) in Blacks
Red Ceryn Flora Antlers by Schadenfreude
Cute Poison Multi Cross Necklace
Eyelashes by Damned


2 thoughts on “Autumn Dreamer

  1. yes and being a brit we actually having a summer and feel awful kinda wisjhing it away but damned its hot we nnot had hotness like this since 1970s well hahah it feels that long so yes i agree bring on the cool evenings and autummn hues:))

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