Love & Pain

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I’m waving frantically with excitement. You might not see it, but just know I’m doing it!!!
This is my first post on the FM Blog, Hopefully 1st of many! Definitely not my last!

I had so much fun putting this together. Even though I went with a simple styling over anything too involved. It was still so much fun to do. So let’s get to it!

Cheeky just recently released some new items to their store, and of course I had to race over and buy one in every color. You’ll notice however, that black seems to find it’s way into my wardrobe more than any other color.. it’s the Emo-Hipster genes that I proudly flaunt.

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This past week I gave in when vainly staring at my avatar and raced to Mandala to buy some Mesh Stretched Ears. It was a long time coming, and honestly, I don’t know why I never invested in them before. They take the flat default SL ear and bring it to life. Not only do they come plugged, but for those of you that aren’t interested in the stretched pierced look, they also come clean. (naked as the day you were born).

And as if the excitement of NEW Cheeky Pia Dresses and NEW Mandala Mesh Ears wasn’t enough, Magika was having a 50% off sale that ends today (so hurry if you haven’t made it.. otherwise, it’s full prices come the 11th) that’s it that’s all.. hope you enjoyed the post! Until next time!! xxo

click for larger view on flickr

What Torment is wearing:

Cheeky Pia Dress in Black
Mandala Stretched Ears
N-Core Tip-Toe Barefeet
Pretty Birds (Flock) Tattoo by Aitui
Hoop Mesh Bracelets by Ben’s Beauty
Stubborn Magika Hair
-UtopiaH- Cheek Blush (in light pink)
Fingernails by Mandala

**Pic’s taken at the Love & Pain Theater


One thought on “Love & Pain

  1. fantastic tor Im so excited u have joined us beautiful pictures and knowing what a perfectionist you are i know everything u do is going to be wickedly good xxxxxx

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