A New Contributer! Introducing Torment Deceit :)


Hey Guys,

It is with pleasure that I announce a new contributor to FullMoonBlogSpot!

Torment Deceit is going to be joining us and posting 🙂  This girl has impeccable style and is faster on the event upkeep then even myself…  I can not wait to see what she has in store for us.  In related news, this weeks Strawberry Singh Meme was “Meet My friend” and what better way for you all to get to know Tor then an interview!  Look at me, all multitasking smh 😀  

Meme Instructions: Pick a friend, any friend, (male or female) take a couple of pictures of (or with) them and ask them a series of questions for a fun and lively post. They don’t need to be a blogger or content creator, just an SL resident. Don’t forget to share your link in the comments of this post!

The Intro 🙂

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :  Flicker your hair for me…

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :  It’s.. doing funky stuff!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  Better?

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  Love the dress

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :  Yea and thanks,  I got it recently

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ:   It’s she&him, it’s by TokiD

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ (rachelcait984):   Nice,  I like the sparrows

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ (xtormentx):  Me too. I love birds.

Onto the actual interview!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  Okay, so to get started, How long have you been on SecondLife?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :  80… shoot, let me check…88 days.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:   and you seem to like it? ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ : I love it ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ : I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really amazing people.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ :  Have you ever “played” anything similar to SecondLife?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :  I used to play Sims, so I was familiar with the whole.. edit your avatar concept.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  Ah me too, I once heard SL related to as “The Sim’s on crack”, so I joined of course 🙂

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :   Not even,  SL is by far the better game

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  So what do you mainly spend your time here doing?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ :   Shopping and dragging Jerek with me shopping!

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ:   and i’m opening a club, so i’ve been busy doing that.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ (rachelcait984):   Hehe a girl like me 🙂 I love to shop.

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ:  I also really love live shows and events, mainly fashion.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: yeah? what are some of your fav slartists?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐr: Dhalif is one,  he’s absolutely amazing on guitar.  He took part in the guitar idol, but i don’t recall what he placed.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: I will have to check him out!  What fashion events are a must go for you each month?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ : Sylar is also really amazing, Fashion Week for sure, I’m also huge on the monthly events, the ones that only linger awhile.  Oh and the Gothic Fair was amazing… I spent way too much at that.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: So you clearly have great style, does it represent your Real life fashion choices?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ:   Mostly.. the only time it really differs is where tatts are concerned, or if i am attending something like an themed night at Full Moon… I like the ability to make things match and change to fit a style you’re going for.. so changing up tats to fit an outfit is pretty cool!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ (rachelcait984): Ever been involved in fashion or blogging in the past? [2013/07/09 12:47] ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐr:  On sl? not yet… being 80 something days old, i have not.. but I have done a little modeling. as for rl, I have done a few fashion shows. My family owns a chain of spas/salons,so that’s where I get my fashion sense from growing up in the industry.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ : So, I already know but for our readers.. what do you think you will bring to FullMoonBlogSpot?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ: hmm,well, I like to keep things fresh, follow the trends, but at the same time I’m an artist in reality, so i like to create ensembles that have a fashion forward flare.

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: I have noticed that, an avatar that looks unique as well as consistent is rare here

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ : My brother is a stylist, he does hair shows.. and teaches people all around the world how to do various hair types, cuts, colors, etc,  so i’ve been exposed to a lot of fashion and trend setting. Okay, now for some fun ones…

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ : What is the most embarrassing  SL moment you can share?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ  LOL, being tp’d to a wedding, and landing on the bride XD! as she was coming down the aisle no less!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ : Haha,  sweetest and/or funniest thing you have had said to you here?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ (xtormentx): sweetest or funniest, um God, lots… definitely Val Aphromis when she told me “I am Jacob and I JUST FRIGGIN imprinted on you!” Val is great!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: One of the best!

Okay last couple ones…

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: what are some favorite stores/ sims?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ: Oooo, well, I absolutely love Mon Tissu, i’m huge on B’s stuff at BU; I love his shorts. Oh, Utopiah and Aitiu are my fav’s for tats and make up effects, NV & SU and I absolutely love Cheeky!

Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ:  Lastly, can you tell us something no one knows about you?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐr:  No one knows about me?  Well.. a few know but not a lot…  in real life, I am trained to play violin and classical piano Çαitliη.яåÇђel.ɮαiιγ: Of course you are!  That’s about it, anything you would like to add on the blog tip?

ʈȯʀɱɚɳʈ ʂʈɑɾкіllѐɾ : Hmm, Nothing really other than… I’m excited to begin a new venture in blogging for FM Blog, and that Full Moon is the best clan/family on SL.. and … that’s it?

That is it Miss Torment!  We look forward to seeing more and more of you around here at FullMoonBlogSpot 😀



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