Here we go again

superstar 7It time I learned new stuff so this week I have been brushing up on my photography skills, so i check in with Strawberry’s blog as there is always tips for new skills ,im loving the tutorials for picmonkey.

This is a program I use alot. I use gimp to cut out and get everything in place as I love how close it is to Photoshop ( as sadly with my desperately in need updating mac sadly i cant afford to atm) I cant run any recent versions of Photoshop boooooo , then I

upload the pic to picmonkey for the filters and effects. when I look back to my photography a year ago I have come along way , but still have soooooo much more I need and want to learn but beginning to earn lindens in  sl now which is perfect for me as no real money to speak off so yay at last photography is funding my shopping habits!!!!!

superstar 1

What Hazy is wearing

Hair – Fluster by Ploom

necklace – Gold Gadis Necklace Rings By Sodara

sunglasses -LS Black/Gold By RYCA

Jeans- metalminx by seahole

Top-Dakota Top * Khaki Tiger by maitraya

boots- attractive by angelic lefevre 

superstar 4Poses by focus pose

well thats me for tonight. sorry it an extremely random post but i posted soo thats the main thing have fun my sexy mooners loves ya xxxxHazyxxxx


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