..::Bad Reputation::..


Hey Rockstars!

I owe my motivation this week to one empowered lady of rock and Roll.  The fearless Joan Jett!  She stood up in a world of only male rockers and made herself heard.  When The Runaways gained popularity this dark-haired rocker stunned the world with her silky voice and leather clad image.  Later when she worked with the Black Hearts she made some great hits as well; to this day, Cherry Bomb, Bad Reputation and I love Rock and Roll are amung the classic rock hits of all time.

So when Full Moon had a celebrity theme,  I knew just who to go as!  Black eyeliner, shaggy dark hair and some serious leather and studs helped me recreat Joan.  The guitar was an added bonus to my costume and this dingy looking bust stop helped me set the scene for my little runaway!





Skin: Essenses Thursday

Hair:”“D!va“” Hair “Kalli” (Type A)(Onyx)

Eye shadow: Corvus Fighter

Bra:  AMD Ringer

Shirt:  Gothic Catz Chikka Boom

Pants: Q studded leggings

Gloves: M.O.W Studded Gloves leather

Shoes: Snowboa Mesh Dawspm Sneaker

Guitar: Tentaccio My perfect Guitar

PicMonkey Collagejoan


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