..::Black Swan::..


Hey all,

So I am excited to switch it up with this post since I decided to partisipate in this weeks Strawberry Singhe challange.  It was such a fun idea that I new I had to get in and blogging can get repetiscious without new challenges and ideas to keep you inspired.  This week Berry asked us to make an image in the style of a movie poster.  The ends were open as you could use any movie for inspiration or even create your own.  I immediatly thought of the stunning Film poster of the ocar winning Black Swan staring the great Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  This movie is a emotional rollar coaster filled with confusion, brutality, back stabbing and tradgedy.  I am in no way associated with the making of this film so please refrain from suing me!

Finding a quality Tiara was harder then I thought, anyone know of a good store that makes high detail crowns?  I had to get those piecing red eyes from the classic poster and the dramatic eye liner and crimson lips.  After that the look I wanted came together quickly.  Maybe all my ballarina fantasies will come true but judging from this movies plot I am in for some serious trouble… right Winona Ryder (who plays the aging dancer being replaced)?


Skin: Essenses Thursday

Crown: ThatChick Ice Queen Tiara

Hairbase: Exile Midnight

Eyes: Selene Vampire eyes

Eye shadow: Corvus fighter eyeshadow

Lips: Essenses Hangover lips

here is the original film poster, how does mine stack up?



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