As Mad as a Hatter: Disney Bound Week 13




So it is possible that this weeks Disney Bound challenge picture is my favorite of all the ones I have done.  The Mad hatter is such a quirky and fun character to take on.  He is filled with nonsensical wisdom, silliness and like all character’s in Alice in Wonderland, he pulls you into an alternate world of fantasy.  Did you know why the Hatter was mad in the story?  Mercury poisoning believe it or not, long ago they used mercury in the making of hats which could lead to aggressiveness, mood swings,  general confusion and anti-social behavior.   There that’s something not everyone knows!


I could not resist stopping by the new Fameshed event to find items for this look and as always I was not disappointed when I found the perfect hair and dress for my hatter.  The green of this dress was lovely and the shading was so well done I almost went for another but alas at almost 500l, I had to stop at one.  These cute pigtails reminded me of the hatters crazy side puffs.  This hat from Boudior was so detailed I could not even fit in all the bits or there would b no avatar in the image 🙂  Okay I hope you enjoyed reading half as much as I enjoyed posting!




Skin and Shape: Essences Thursday new*

Hair: Exile:: Hold On Loosely Naturals @Fameshed

Hat: Tea Party Hat Boudior

Dress: Baiastice_Hina Maxi dress-light emerald @ Fameshed

Blazer: Lua’s Yellow Blazer

 Necklace: Katat0nik Tea Party 2 Wonderland Pendant @The Arcade

Sim: What Next

PicMonkey Collage hat


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