Acrostic Poem: Cait Style!


It is that time again!

Time to roll by Strawberry Singhs blog and check out the newest meme/ challenges.  I love hers because you can find something simple or something very involved.  It may be answering a few questions or doing a difficult challenge but either way they are always creative and fun.  This one follows up her Haiku challenge (which I sadly missed) with another type of poetry; Acrostic.   I am sure you can remember spelling out your or a friends name and adding descriptive attributives using the letters.  All good things I’m sure Oo right?

So if you are not poetically savvy you can use the Acrostic poem generator over at readwritethink  for some tips and hints, I did my best to take on this little doozy on my own.  I realize it is hard to read the words in the above pic but do not judge me, this is my second post of the night and I will add the poem below 🙂

Meme instructions: Write an acrostic poem(s) using your Second Life name or any word describing your Second Life. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and read your poem(s) as well!


Creativity flows through fashion, word, and art.

Always strive for a mixture of chaos and perfection.

Insecurity is a motivation, not a hindrance.

The limit for growth is non existent.

Love what you do, do what you love.

Inspire, create, share and learn.

Never give up.


Okay, so I tried to use what motivates me as far as creativity to inspire this one.   Hope you like!

Nini ❤ Cait


Hair: Truth Caprice browns

Blazer:  The Secret Store – Structured Blazer – Navy

Top: Mon tissue Lollia top

Pants: My first Jeans Monso, lemon

Shoes:  Mon Tissue wedges

Pose/set: What Next

PicMonkey Collage lemon


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