..::CLUB kid::..


Hello BlogFacers!

I was jolted back to the late 80’s and early 90’s when I embraced my clubber girl side.  Disclaimer: No drugs were taken in the making of this blog.  The club/rave scene has had a huge effect on music, fashion and so much else … so how could I not feature it.  I say.. Grab your glow sticks, turn up the bad tech music and cover yourself in bright colors!


Hot pinks, bold images and wild hair, yes, that makes for a good club kid.  The vintage inspired dress reminded me of a hyped up Betty Page, I paired it with some ragged leggings from Envious.  This pretty punk rock hair came with countless streaking options, from Action.



Hair: Actions

Skin: Fresh face Violet Caramel

Dress: +gash+ Strapless mini group gift

Fishnets: Envious Hush Hush

Shoes:  MallaKi Teal/Blue (NA)

Sim: Full Moon Ghetto

Enjoy<3 CaitPicMonkey Collage club


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