The Little Red Indian

lost rebels islandin the woods

Hazy Playing little red Indian, found a really cute sim called Rebel Lost Island and bounced around with my bow and arrow pretending to shoot deer and hedgehogs. was a fun afternoon and have stayed dressed like this for two days now haha will I ever change back?? heheh

I have never really been into roleplay but it is something i could get into , I don’t think I could keep it up all the time but a lil simple fun role play I could do, being Dyslexic I don’t write well and my punctuation is a little less desired and often i think that’s what puts me off as some of these role players take it extremely seriously. but the thought of setting a small rp community up at full Moon is an idea I’m toying with, a couple of people  in the family have been serious RPers for a number of years so I’m sure would be happy to moderate this so watch this space and see what we come up with

Any one out there with any ideas and wanting to help set this up please do contact me Hazy Cygnet as I’m very open to advice , ideas and any help setting this up.

Well, last weekend was fun as we had a girl rent from us for the weekend and set up a Dawn  to Dusk sky box it was fun and sim was full up with about 50 people, some nights alot of them was us Full Mooners and we all had a giggle, Dj Tom playing for us and other event. Cintia had lined up live singers and other musicians all in all fun was had by all, and  it brought in a few lindens which is always desperately needed to help keep sim up and running So a big Thank you for Nick  for arranging all that to happen great job bro!!

The Dawn To Dusk skybox
The Dawn To Dusk skybox
Rhia and Hazy try out the dances before the event
Rhia and Hazy try out the dances before the event

ok so my rambling come to an end  so will finish off with the rest of my little red Indian adventure pictures

Hazy savage
Hazy savage
lost in the woods
lost in the woods

lost rebels island ready to pull

What Hazy Is wearing

Pose and Bow and arrow cute girl ranger girl with bow and arrow- by F*cking ninja’s 

Hair White feather (Black) by Emo-tions

Feet_ Natural barefeet – by Severed garden

Indian outfit -Azza- by Songfeather

face paint – summer – by Katatonic

necklace- bellydancerTariqa old gold necklace By Soedara

nails/ female nail pallete by mandala


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