..::Surf’s Up::..

sierra_005 Hey ya! So the mixture of humid temps and rain made me think beach and ocean.  So I was super excited to get this fish tank from Cupcake Clothes.  The artwork is really pretty and i love the quirky style.  This look is inspired by a rl good friend, who I hate and love lol.  You know the type, the gorgeous beach blonde tomboy who throws on a pair of shorts and her baby brother’s graphic tee and looks like she stepped out of a abercrombie add. sierra_004


this is the chic that will roll up to the bonfire late, talk to your bf like he is he best friend ever and not get why the girls are prickly… hehe I luv it.   I wanted a surf style and Cali beach theme, and the slight bohemian accent of the necklace worked for me.


Hair: Magika: Volume

Necklace: Miel: Friendo

Shirt: Cupcake Clothes

Shorts: Apple May: Becky Orange

Pose: Fudge: cute girl

PicMonkey Collage nemo


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