..::Colors seem to fade::..


Hi all,

We are halfway through the week so I figured why not put out something new.   I love nerd chiq so this outfit was an instant hit.  It’s called Classic nerd from Zup and the outfit come complete with the glasses, dress, mesh bow tie, and heels.  This store has great full outfit options for an easy ens-amble put together.

Enjoy my favorite song by Amos Lee, his voice is beautiful and I love his work!


I am officially taking back the image of the tiny dog in a carrier from Paris Hilton hehe.  My stylish nerd girl needs lady’s best friend close by and the niffty bag keeps Fido all dry.  This sim is called Grey November Rain gallery and although it is very small, It is worth stopping buy to take pictures and enjoy the great artwork nestled inside the rain drenched cabin in the woods.  Se you soon!


Hair: Magika: Forget

Outfit: Zup Nerd Classic

Glasses and Shoes: Zup Nerd Classic

Socks: Kyoot lace knee high Socks

Bag: Tutty’s Pet Carrier with 12 hud options

Sim: Grey November Gallery

PicMonkey Collage bw


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