SL Guilty Confessions (Oo) Cait style


For my weekly stop in over at Strawberry Singh’s blog I saw this new meme added to her list in which we are supposed to reveal Our sl guilty habits.  Now seeing as I am a complete angel I naturally could not think of anything but after scraping my psyche to the core I found only just a few mild bad habits (Yeahhhh… right).  I will share them with you and don’t you dare judge me!

Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

One.  I lose stuff in my inventory like someone is paying me to do it.

It does not matter if it is an object, a outfit, a gesture or even a note-card… If i don’t make a point to tract the item somehow it goes goodbye. I literally have notes in my bedroom with keywords on how to find things I purchased or need in my inventory.  My friends will ask um, what does “Wela, caprice, Juicy, one souls, harem pants” mean when they find a note and i say ‘ohhhh nothing’ when It is how to search for the stuff I bought in my inventory the day before.


Two.  I am a terrible afk-er…

Call it easily distracted but I am not the person on sl who notifies people every time they go away from the computer.  I will get up to stretch and end up making toast and watching the Game of Thrones, come back and hour later and people are like um…. welcome back. Also I will get distracted photo editing mid conversation and possibly crash.


Three.  I am a bit of a profile perv…

I can not help it, maybe because I put so much time into my own but i just love clicking profiles and seeing pictures people put up, their pics, the way the talk in there.  On the upside it gives basic info that you do not need to ask and as far as designers it gives clear blog information.  Also if you have sl Facebook, i will be checking out your page most likely…  if we didn’t want ppl to see then is wouldn’t be posted online, am I right?


Four: I get confused…

I am proud to say I manage sl fairly well nowadays but when I started ohhh man.. i was naked, wearing double outfits and setting skyboxes on fire (I blame that old shotty lap top).  Still when something really complicated comes up i am easily confused and seem to get a blonde moment, wish i had the hair as an excuse.  I am a stubborn girl who likes to know everything so when i don’t  well I think I mentally check out a lil bit.  So if you explained how to modify my draw distance and shadows to decrease my fps and I am looking at you like you just spoke Japanese… please bare with me.

Five: I will fall asleep on you…

I have had this issue since i joined SL.  Some even think i suffer from narcolepsy which has yet to be diagnosed (just kidding) but i will be awake one minute and fast asleep the next.  All of my close friends accept this and I even put a silly disclaimer in my sl profile for new ppl.  If it is past 10 pm, do not be mad if i start snoring because if I can accept this fault so can you 🙂

well that is all the confessions I am willing to do for now my loves.  Hope you enjoyed my bad side muhahaha.  see you on the flip 🙂

Shirt: Cupcake clothing lady corset

Hair:  Truth Laurie

Shorts: Zup Urban Spring Outfit

Poses: Fudge cute poses gift

Sims: Image essentials, Full Moon Clan Estates

PicMonkey Collageshorts


One thought on “SL Guilty Confessions (Oo) Cait style

  1. laughs omg we love u cait, too funny , yes and you didn’t say that i usually have to send u home for snoring on mike hehehehheeh, ha i should do this meme but to be honest i think mine would be pretty similar to yours ha ok imma do it and see what i come up with hugs love ya Hazy xxxx

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