..::Kiss the Girl::..


I am having a lazy Sunday so I must be productive on sl as far as doing a new blog post goes that is.  When I joined SL Disney Bound It was week seven so I had missed some challenges.  Looking through the older ones I saw “Kiss the girl” from the little mermaid and I just had to go back and do it even if I was late.  Better late then never right?  Who doesn’t love the scene where Ariel and Eric almost share a kiss on a rowboat while Sebastian serenades them.


I love the simplistic style of this dress from Zaara and how it seems to flow like water,  the teal bow was the perfect understated accessory  remember Ariel wears a teal bow in her hair during the scene.  No one can do little mermaid with out red tresses, so I relied on good ole Truth for this upswept do.  Of course I had to find a rowboat and my version of prince Eric must be sitting across 🙂


Skin: Mojo Hazelnut

Hair: Truth Marisolreds

Dress: Zaara Amani wrap dress sky

Sim and poses: Blake sea (Rowboat)

happy SLing ~Cait

PicMonkey Collage kiss


One thought on “..::Kiss the Girl::..

  1. funny i was looking at this dress earlier but couldnt decide lon the colour so left it L(( looks fantastic

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