Omg its Hazadrous !!!

lazy hazy summer days that’s what we all want and that’s defiantly what this Sim brought out of me, it was very pretty hazadrous

and I snapped and snapped and snapped a ton of pics  couldn’t decide between just a few of them so sorry to say you got them all

Having brought my new hat yesterday for our Friday beach party and not wanting to take it off since. I worn it all day today and had to do a shoot with it as is a lovely floppy summer sun hat , the textures are great on it and a cute hud with colour changes  just what I needed in my life lol!!! ( any excuse idk im awful for shopping)hazedrou wanderer hazedrous bout hazedrous lazy days 2 hazedrous lazy days by river hazedrous pylons hazedrous stepping out misali 209,100,53 push misali 209,100,53 with barrels misali pump misali truck there my photo shoot I had a lot of fun doing it and could have very easily stayed and done a ton more but really I shouldn’t be trying to bore you guys now should I?? If you’d like to know where I got my clothing from I shall pop it below for you

What Hazy is wearing.

Wedge shoes By Maitreya Called Gold Shiki* Nude* they come with a great hud

Floppy Sun Hat- Siobhan Mesh Balck by maitreya  

Jeans – daydreamer denim crops by AppleMay

Top-beatix Gingham By artillier

Bangles- kabuki braclets- By MandalaNails, nail pallet by mandala

hope u enjoyed my lil ramble about sl  I do love to visit new sims but I’m also     a creature of habit and tend to love to stay on our own Sim so maybe get a lil too excited when I do go somewhere new  do forgive me :))


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