..:: Unfortunate Souls::..


Allthough I started late for the SL Disney Bound Challenge, i have been making a point to follow the theme each week and post and I am having a blast.  This weeks inspirational characters are Floatsam and Jetsam from the little mermaid.  Ursala’s little minions were slimy eels to their core but boy to they make for good fashion icons.


To pay my respect to the little mermaid, I knew I needed water in my shots and I could not resist the shimmering light of this dock.  This dress was a find for the look as it had both the bright teal of the villains and the golden glow of their beady little eyes.  This half shaved hair helped me make my version of their ridged fins.

Check out this clip from Broadway’s The Little Mermaid!


Hair: Catwa Tahany

Hair base: Exile

Eye Shadow: Elymode smudged teal gift

Dress:  No Name: Candy Dress

Clutch: Beehive studded clutch Gold/Teal

Poses: (marukin) sold at collabor88  may

Sim: Two Moon Studios <beach>

PicMonkey Collage jetsam


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