Take back the city for your soul tonight!!

hazy hazy outside wallace autoparts hazy last one hazy my car hazy paperazziThe ghetto has had a make over its looking fantastic  huge big thank you to our lovely Dbloc for his hard work, so its looking so much more authentic , soo I loved the idea of the grimy walls behind me and a big posh red car and  a pretty dress from my favorite store , ooh wait I lie one my favorite stores :)) so many of them heheheh.The dress flows beautifully I find myself often just staring at it when I’m chatting in ims  I love Boudoir so much they soo creative  amazing mermaid and different fantasy outfits perfect for all your rp needs but they also do some really cute dresses , which I have them all  over these last three years I been collecting them and still as fashions in sl come and go  I always feel special in my old boudoir dress and always people comment on them when I wear them  in a good way of coarse :))

well I had a tough week virtually, as again I broke my keyboard, nods yes is this something like the 4th keyboard in the last 6 months damned they either really badly made or I’m abusing them too much one or the other but what ever it is I found myself back to the old broken one that has no space bar  or alt key so caming is an issue , and taking pictures,  not being able to cam is no easy thing. so panic set in as Sunday just gone I had  a commission to do the photography for a wedding and good lindens where being offered me to do this, an offer I definitely cannot afford to turn down.Thank the sl gods and a keyboard came my way about 2 hours before the wedding so thankfully I didn’t have to turn them down . and coincidentally the girl Jayelle absolutely loved  the nearlt 40 pictures i did for her , I was relieved.

well thats been my sl worries for last week.

my lastest thing I have been addicted to recently is photographing some the beautifully cool avatars that are found on the bloodlines sim and been posting them to the new bloodlines wiki as any one can contribute towards that.  I set up a page cool avatars of bloodlines and slowly adding pictures to that but by doing this am getting to meet lots new people, well more like demons,angels, lycans,dark vampires not so many people hehhe but its fun and my passion at the moment, so do check out the wiki.

Im rambling today I know and before I send this post off I want to go back to my first ramble about the Ghetto, is looking great ooh yes i said that bit , but also the stores have had a make over all the designers have had to move into new stores but wow what a difference is now a ghetto with some what style, do come and check out the great stores we have here most are small independent designers that are up and coming. all are beautifully priced and you can between the dirrent stores be picking up a whole outfit of about 200 lindens, then also there is the two gesture stores,  full moon designs making custom made gestures contact Mat (Fini) Ronan , also gesterbate-ography (GBO)

Ooh thats not all lots clothing stores  Rotten Apple 

with tees as cheap as 20l now that’s total bargain and cute tops too. she is even doing a small furniture range arms chairs and four poster beds is a must see .

Asylem with sneakers. boots ,caps, tops all for your urban needs

There is lots more  up in the ghetto but I’m not going to ruin your exploring as have a look down the alleyways  here there u  will find stores all around.

Then I must mention BA- Bad Unicorn clothing the main store this a definite one for the guys  also a few girlie items which I will be blogging soon as I get around to it but also check out bhads blog

alrighty peeps that’s me signing out sorry about the randomness of this post but u know me Random my middle name!!

What Hazy is wearing

City striped dress – by Boudoir

necklace and bangles and nails all by Mandala

hair -Fluster by Ploom


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