..::Eye of the Tiger::..


Hi all,

So for someone who is not a huge camouflage fan  I found these combat boots from DL and was inspired for a more rugged look and I found the brown and green palate fun to work with.  I have to let the GIGirl out every now and then.  I ran over to some combat sim to take pictures which I am sure the players just loved (YA right!) but luckily I am quick with the snap shots and was in and out with little trouble.  I may be dressed for war but battle has yet top be my strong suit   Unless it is in killing zombies, I am an excellent zombie assassin muhahahah!


I love the detailing on these combat boots, every part was perfect and wearable, great boots are hard to come but so i totally recommend these.  It was nice to use this hair from PLOOM, I really like their styles and the hair colors.  I was a tad chilly on the battlefield so I grabbed this camo coat to keep me warm and inconspicuous at the same time.



Skin: Mojo Hazelnut

Shape: mine

Hair: Ploom

Coat: Q leather sleved coat

Body Suit: Tentaccio Boom Girl

Nylons:Deetalez nylons black

Boots: DL Badgers mesh ladies heavy grunge boots

picmonkey collage camo


One thought on “..::Eye of the Tiger::..

  1. lurve lurve the tough cait look with me going girlie and u going tough hehehe funny im soo loving these boots think imma have to get me a pair hugs cait fantastic xxx

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