Here comes the sun little darling…

here comes the sun little darling

here comes the sun little darling

Being in the UK we don’t get a lot of sun, well we have had a week of really lovely hot sun bathing weather, its been beautiful definitely not the weather to be in sl so I wait for the sun to come down and dusk draws in and in I come in from the garden .Wanting to keep the sun going  so what more does a girlie need to feel all summery?? Its a shopping trip of coarse!!

well through flicker I discovered a new store, no mesh , which for me is fantastic as I have trouble with mesh , as I said before I cant run firestorm so I’m still battling on with the old phoenix and as we know can only wear one alpha , which of coarse is dedicated to my shoes ,therefore for me to find a store with pretty clothes that aren’t mesh is a total delight to me.

so this very pretty ruffle skirt that in the 80’s we used to call rara skirts and when I was about 7 I loved my rara skirt and hardly ever took it off I thought I was so fashionable, ooh which of coarse I was:)),  Personally like the name ruffle skirt much better. Its pink, I know I know for those who know me will be Hazy in pink??? well im feeling all girlie and this is a dirty pale pink that I think is very pretty. The top is from the same store its not an outfit but it almost could be as I felt it went perfectly with this skirt which is in a pale dirty purple I’m loving these pale dirty colors am I making sense? can u have a color that’s dirty? I’m not sure I’m describing it well, but hey go check out the store lots pretty tops and pants , skirts and very pretty underwear.

so there we have it another blog from Hazy. I know I haven’t blogged in an absolute age , caitlin has been working soo very hard on the blog posts im so proud how beautiful her pictures have become , and her style is second to none she has a very unique style , and puts her clothing so beautifully well together I’m more I like that and this and throw it together kinda person never a great deal of thought behind it, but that’s what makes us full moon blogger’s so different  we each have a very different look and i hope inspires the odd person that is why we do it one for our love of photography and second for our love of clothes and thirdly we love full moon and its a great way  to log our thoughts dreams and ideas

ok so i’m over and out and off to my bed , up early again to enjoy the probably last day of sun shine tomorrow

Hugs Hazy xxxx

Hair -High ponytail by Tuty’s

Top- country life by Fishy Strawberry

Skirt- porcelain ruffled skirt By Fishy Strawberry

fishnets-Bts- now just tpped to land to get lm and its not there no more ‘cries’ Im sorry

heels- Elic heels By Angelic Lefevre Couture

necklace is old not sure where that came from sorry xxxxxx

OK I’m off to my bed hugs xxxx


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