One Jump Ahead!


Okay, So as I naturally went towards blogging Jasmine for this Disney Bound challenge  Late night inspiration led me to Aladdin.  I just love that movie what can I do.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find Abu, I think he is hiding somewhere in the market stealing apples, what a rascal.


I knew I needed three pieces to make my Aladdin come to life!  Slouchy grey pants from Villena were perfect, I loved the shading and the leather like texture.  The red hat is one of my favorite hairs from Exile and who can do Aladdin with out a purple vest.  The answer to that is no one 🙂

Hair/ Hat: Exile: A Winter’s Tale

Earrings: 7891  Jade earings

Necklace:  MIEL FRIENDO necklace

Vest: Isabella’s Secret: Body suit

Pants:  .:villena:. – loose pants gradient#2

Boots:  EC Kenza Boots

❤ Caitlin

PicMonkey Collageala


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