A Whole New World


Hi my lovlies!

Tonight, I am super excited to blog this because it is week nine in the Disney Bound Challenge and they picked my all time favorite Disney movie!  Alladin and Jasmine were the inspiration so of course I went straight princess on ya and did a Jasmine look.  She is such a great character and many a day were spent pretending i was princess jasmine as a kid, I even had her barbie doll and those gold earrings were super glued on :O.  This chllenge has proven to be super fun so far and I’m just loving it.


So I knew I wanted a modern day version of my favorite princess so I ditched the bright turquoise for this deep emerald that is befitting to royalty.  The bodice on this outfit is beaded and detailed.  Harem pants have been quite popular lately in sl and rl so I knew I needed some for the my Jasmine.  Big golden earrings and jewelry combined with this Magika hair helped me get just the look I wanted.


For the picture setting I found an Arabian palace and wanted to shoot Jasmine looking out over the kingdom like a bird in the grandest of cages.  We all remember how much this little finch wanted some life experiences of her own!  Oh the horror to be young, rich and beautiful, life is hard for a princess.

Hair: Magika: Rewind

Makeup: SbM Skin Suntanner – Medium

Earrings: 7891 Jordan earings

Necklace: League: wanderer

Outfit: Masoom: Hareem Outfit Gem

Poses: Purple Poses:Emi

Sim: Illusions: Event hall

PicMonkey Collagejas

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